Learn American English Pronunciation
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Learn American English Pronunciation

​Enhance speech and communication perfecting your vowel and diphthong sounds

7 Weeks

Course Start Date: 4 Feb 2014

This course runs for 7 Weeks



live classes


In this course you will learn how all the vowel and diphthong sounds are made, compare similar sounds, and learn about common mistakes people from different language groups make. You’ll also learn some key related topics in English pronunciation, like syllable length and placement. The live classes each involve a lecture by Rachel and a Question and Answer session. In each class, some students will be picked at random, with their consent, to receive live coaching and feedback from Rachel (Rachel will turn on their webcams). Each week, you will be given study material to prepare for the lecture in advance. This will include text and videos.


Anyone looking to improve their spoken American English should take this course. Teachers who are native speakers are also welcome to take this course to learn in-depth about the vowel sounds, and observe Rachel’s teaching technique.


Key Takeaways

  • Understand Vowel and Diphthong sounds of American English
  • Learn pronunciation through phonetic breakdown of words
  • Communicate effectively and confidently in American English


How will this course be conducted?

  • 15 (5 unique) live online classes, covered in a duration of 5 weeks, conducted on Virtual Classroom Platform
  • Class Timings : 6 P.M. and 10 P.M. (EST) every Tuesday & 9 A.M. (EST) every Thursday


Topics Covered by Week

  • Week 1 [i], [ɪ], [eɪ]
  • Week 2 [ə], [ʌ], [ɑ], [ɔ]
  • Week 3 [æ], [ɛ], [ɑ]
  • Week 4 [u], [ju], [ʊ], [ɜ]
  • Week 5 [aɪ], [aʊ], [oʊ], [ɔɪ]


Never seen Rachel in action?


Check out her teaching style by browsing her library of over 300 videos on YouTube! : Rachel's English on Youtube

Language of instruction: English

About the instructor
Rachels English

PHILADELPHIA , United States

Rachel is the founder of the popular Rachel’s English and is a star YouTube teacher. She has more than 5 years of teaching and pronunciation experience through Rachel’s English, and before that taught ESL in Boston and the Dominican Republic. Rachel's initial idea in developing Rachel's English was to make the kind of resource for self-study that she wished she could find for her own foreign language study. As a classical singer, Rachel has spent much time immersed in singing in German, French, Italian, and Spanish. She studied with highly acclaimed vocal teachers and coaches and brings a body of detailed knowledge connected to the voice, placement, and the musical nature of speech to her work as a pronunciation coach.


In 2013, Rachel was named a YouTube Next How-To Guru, an award given by YouTube for her exceptional teaching videos. She has a great passion for classical music and the performing arts in general.


Schedule & Syllabus

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